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“North Shore Music Theatre’s production of the Broadway hit “Hairspray” is an uplifting, optimistic and splashily colorful evening of fun theater. The cast is spectacular. Stephen Scott Wormley as Seaweed J. Stubbs, delivers one of the best performances of the evening, combining a spectacularly strong and clear singing voice with fluid athleticism as he aces difficult and creative choreography by director/choreographer Jeff Whiting.”

Sally Applegate - WickedLocal- North of Boston 



This is one of the strongest casts I have ever seen in this Musical. There is not a weak link in the entire cast. Mr. Whiting's excellent direction and choreography is also a huge part of the production's success. Stephen Scott Wormley as (Seaweed J. Stubbs) in "Run and Tell That" was one of the show's finest moments!"

David Tompkins - "BroadwayWorld.Com


“Stephen Scott Wormley plays Seaweed with enough swagger, smooth-moves, and vocal skill to keep the audience riveted every time (he) appear’s on stage”

Paul Bolton,


Standout performances came from Stephen Scott Wormley as Seaweed. His dance moves predominately kept eyes focused on him when he was on stage. His singing part also accentuated his character.

-Bob Evans, KC APPLAUS


The ensemble cast is energetic and strong, particularly..Stephen Scott Wormley as Mr. Bones, whose rendition of “Financial Advice” stops the show. 

-Robert Russo, StageLeft.Nyc


Mr. Bones- The Excellent Stephen Scott Wormley

Patrick Folliard, The Washington Blade


Stephen Scott Wormley is a knockout as Mr. Bones in the minstrel show, as well as a slow-moving, senile prosecutor in the first trial. 

-Barbara Mackay,


The highly caricatured role of Mr. Bones —dressed in clownish garb—(is) exceptionally played by Stephen Scott Wormley.


“lead character (s) taken from the conventions of minstrelsy are Mr. Bones, Stephen Scott Wormley- consummate performers. Double dressing to quick change, dashing onto the stage – now to deliver slick “sick” vaudevillian humor, now to play the key white villains of sheriff and side kick from the Alabama town. Lay it on thick with gags like “Just-ice is Just-us.” Wormley communicate’(s) several layers simultaneously:  .. entertainers, delighted to show off performing skills to an audience, while broadly mimic(ing) racist White characters who maintain dominance through hatred and small mindedness, and show beneath the masks they are modern working Black actors seething with rage at being forced to deliver this story – again.”

-Susan Galbraith, DC Theatre Scene




“(Audiences will) pull  for Stephen Scott Wormley’s Benny as he tries to navigate a bilingual, tricultural taxi dispatcher’s office and woo the boss’s daughter. By the time we get to “Sunrise”, you’ll be shipping for Wormley to just keep on singing, no matter how many shops have to get looted along the way. 

- Basil Considine, Twin Cities Arts


"Stephen Scott Wormley,  has an angular strength and integrity, which he pours into Benny!"

- Graydon Royce- Minneapolis Star Tribune


"..That clears the field for Mayagoitia and Wormley, who shine in their affectionate shared scenes, to steal the show with their easy chemistry in fun numbers like "Benny's Dispatch" and hopeful ballads like "Sunrise." "

-Jay Gabler CityPages Minneapolis


"Nina more or less immediately falls in love with Benny (Stephen Scott Wormley). And who can blame her? Benny is handsome, passionate and, wow, can he sing!"

- John Olive,






“Audience’s hearts are warmed when (Stephen Scott Wormley) cheers with…the romantic, nostalgic duet “When You’re Home”.

- Kelly Holm “The Hamline Oracle










" Theatre Aspen's exuberant production of the Tony-winning contemporary Broadway classic is surrounded by a feisty supporting cast. The standouts are a charismatic Stephen Scott Wormley as Seaweed, star of "Negro Day"

- Andre Travers, Aspen Times

(With) An electrifying Stephen Scott Wormley (Dorian)...there’re even a couple of showstoppers, among them the Act One heart-piercer, “I Shot an Arrow,” shot through with rich emotion and wistfulness as Wormley’s exquisite phrasing frames this quiet ballad about dashed aspirations. Wormley’s performance as the charismatic Dorian is the stuff legends are made on"

-Jayne Blanchard, DCTHEATRESCENE


"...a musical to succeed needs one heck of a star and Director Ritsch has found such an individual in Stephen Scott Wormley who is absolutely astonishing in his role as "Dorian". I recall seeing his former performances in ONCE ON THIS ISLAND (Olney Theatre Center), HAIRSPRAY at Signature Theatre, and in the HAIRSPRAY concert version with the Baltimore Symphony where he excelled as "Seaweed". Wormley has an incredible voice and could easily step into the leading role on Broadway in KINKY BOOTS. But he also conveys the highs and lows of his profession and the trauma surrounding his personal life. Watching Wormley perform alone is worth the price of admission."

-Charles Shubow,







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These men brought bold characters to the stage with excellent signing and (walking in heels flawlessly)...Wormley, especially, carried himself with poise and grace. His voice clear and confident in every song, and he brought real depth and feeling to Dorian, which had you falling in love with such an incredible person. A truly beautiful moment was Wormley’s first solo song, “I Shot An Arrow.” We got to see her be vulnerable and unsure briefly before she was, once again, resolute and strong"

-Allie Press, DC Metro Arts



Stephen Scott Wormley bring poise and charisma to the role of Dorian.

-Celia Wren, The Washington Post


Stephen Scott Wormley as Dorian has embraced this complex role with dignity, compassion, and sensitivity

-Mark Beachy, MD Theatre Guide

Stephen Scott Wormley does impressive work as Dorian, conveying the toughened, protective exterior as tellingly as the needs and disappointments inside. Wormley's singing also hits the spot, with a solid tone and finely sculpted phrasing. This is especially so in "Something About You,""

-Tim Smith, Baltimore sun
Photo by Mike Davis.

Photo by Mike Davis.

"The actors are what make this production phenomenal. They stand out as individuals, but their chemistry with one another also makes an impression, especially on the comedic numbers...Boggess-Glover's chemistry with Stephen Scott Wormley on "Ladies Who Sing With the Band" also makes that number a highlight. They give a top-notch performance of "Fat and Greasy" too...(Herbert's) chemistry with Stephen Scott Wormley in "How Ya Baby" makes it highly memorable...confidence and charm is captivating in "That Ain't Right" (with Stephen Scott Wormley)...Stephen Scott Wormley is a scene stealer thanks to his comedic chops. His facial expressions are hilarious, which make many of the already humorous songs all the funnier. It is hard to not watch his skillful expressions during the full company numbers. He also has great chemistry with the other actors - no matter the song - and a knack for movement. Wormley's standout solo number, "The Viper's Drag/The Reefer Song," is pure entertainment and the love he received the from the audience on opening night was definitely warranted"

- Natasha Ashley,





"...showstopper numbers were Stephen Scott Wormley and Company's version of "The Viper's Drag/The Reefer Song" exposing a bit of the period's musical underbelly"

-Tony Curulla, The Post Standard,








"Thin, angular and rubber-joined, Stephen Scott Wormley could hardly make a greater physical contrast with Boggess-Glover. We notice him early on when he demonstrates the breathing capacity to hold a note longer than thought humanly possible. But his big moment comes with the edge-pushing reefer-madness song “The Viper’s Drag,” drawing even more on his ability to mime than to sing"

- James MacKillop, Syracuse Newstimes



Big Fish! The Musical

Overtures Performing Arts Center, Madison WI.

December 2016

"As Will Bloom, Stephen Scott Wormley offered an impeccable performance...Wormley’s vocal performances are stunning — his crisp diction and clear tenor voice make him sound like the cross between a pop star and a Disney prince."

-Amelia Cook Fontella, Isthmus Paper (Madison Wisconsin)


"... The Songbook's pleasant... Performers like Wormley make the most of spotlight vocal moments as this musical is carried by the strength of its acting"

-Aaron R. Conklin, Madison Magazine


Snow! the Musical ( World Premiere)

 "As Milton, Stephen is riveting. Whether he is singing, dancing, or casting off one of his know-it-all asides, Wormley is an actor possesing a magnificence in all things; whether it is a small toss of the head or in leading the ensemble in the stirring 'Come Out."

- Sharma Howard, the Norwich Bulletin.




"Wormley is terrific and no less dynamic with his portrayal of Seaweed.

-Dave Christner - Newport Mercury